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Auction Catalogue november 2013
Buying at C.Gars Auctions and Conditions of Sale
• Lots are available for inspection at our London and Hamburg offices
• Prospective purchasers should satisfy themselves as to the condition and description of the cigars.
We are happy to provide specific lot condition reports on request.
• Measurements are listed using industry guides and reference books. Please note that aged cigars can shrink
marginally over time both in length and ring gauge.
• Estimates are based on our understanding of current market value as well as recent examples sold at auction.
We take into account rarity, condition, quality and provenance.
• There are no listing fees
• Sellers are charged 15% of the hammer price (plus VAT) on a Lot being sold successfully.
• Buyers are charged 15% of the hammer price (plus VAT) on a Lot being purchased successfully.
• Sellers will receive settlement within 21 days.
• Buyers must settle by bank wire transfer within 48 hours of being invoiced. We can accept credit cards only by
prior arrangement (subject to 3.5% surcharge).
• Bidders are welcome to attend the auction but we ask them to register with us by email so we can calculate
the number of attendees accordingly for the venue.
• If you are unable to attend the auction you can still bid by email up to 24 hours before the event. If you are an
existing client you need only advise us that you intend to bid. If you are not an existing client you are able to
register by emailing us your name, address and phone number with details of which Lots you wish to bid for as well
as your maximum bids. You can also place your bids on our website
• Bids by email or online will go “in the book” if your bid is the highest you will win the Lot. As an example: If you bid
maximum £400 on a Lot but the highest bid at the auction is £300, you will win the Lot at the next increment of £320.
• The auction Lot will be sold when the auctioneer strikes his hammer at which time a binding contract between
buyer and seller is completed.
• We will not accept phone bids.
• All Lots will be subject to a “reserve price” below which the Lot will not be sold. The auctioneer may at his
discretion open the bidding at below reserve on behalf of the seller.
• Cigars can be collected the day after the auction by appointment, from our London office. We are happy to assist
with delivery arrangements subject to a reasonable delivery charge. We are happy to store for buyers
at a reasonable additional charge.
• Where we are offering sealed boxes these are sold as seen. Many collectors prefer sealed boxes but there is
always a possibility that the successful bidder will open the box and find the cigars in bad condition.
Buyer beware before bidding.
• Please note that certain lots are marked ‘not available for shipping to the UK’. Please take care on bidding as
the sale is final at the fall of the auctioneers hammer.
• Any cigars purchased for delivery in the UK regardless of age will have UK health warnings on the back and
the front of the box as required by law.
• Please note that we do not ship to the USA.
• Auction results are published live on our websites.
Our Auction Sales teamwill be pleased to answer any questions by email to or phone 020 7372 1865.
You can email your bids to
This auction is being conducted in UK pounds sterling (GBP)
Errors and omissions exempt.
Auction photography by M.Adler and B. Hudcova @ copyright C.Gars Ltd
Vintage art photography by T. Pretscher @ copyright till Pretscher Photography 2013